About Awkward Squid Tees

Sometimes we find ourselves in awkward situations. You know, like when the relatives you've never met or talked to in your life come to visit. They're like, "You're tall." and you're like @__@ and stuff. Or, you're at a party that a new friend invited you to but you don't know anyone coz all the guests are the friend's friends. You pretend to play on your phone but you're secretly checking for texts that never come, or wishing your parents would call you home because... you have tooo... wash... your hamster... Or maybe you accidentally misspell your Minecraft username and now you're stuck being AkwardSquid instead of AwkwardSquid, and everyone points out the awkwardness of spelling 'awkward' wrong. Been there? Me neither, but, you know, it could happen. And you know what helps you through those situations? Cool T-shirts. They're all like, "Cool T-shirt." and you're like "Thank you." and BOOM. Awkward Turtle has swam away. Or squid. And it might be more of a Squip~ than a BOOM but... yeah. Whatever. The proceeds of each one of these T-shirts goes towards an aid to Madagascar £3700 target. I'll be going on a charity expedition to aid orphanages with a company called Outlook. You can read all about it here: We're called S.A.M and would be very grateful for support. Orphans don't have cool T-shirts to talk about :( Please help us raise money by purchasing a Tee, donating some loose change or simply spreading the word. Just like ink. Remember, a little goes a long way! Thank you! Lots of ♥ Awkward Squid ._.