About Macavity's Domain Designs

Merchanise outlet of me - Tim Griffiths, Golspie-based illustrator. Find an eclectic, brightly coloured range of designs for T-shirts, Mugs and Bags - and hopefully bring a smile to your face! <br />Be seen in one of my stylish Kittie Allsorts t-shirts. Alternatively, enjoy a relaxing coffee in a Macavity and Friends Mug, or be seen 'on the town' on your Hen Party night in a set of partying chicken t-shirts!<br /><br /> <strong>Find Tim's website: <a href="http:/illustration.tgiadd.co.uk">http:/illustration.tgiadd.co.uk</a></strong><br /> <strong>Find Tim on Facebook: <a href="http://www.facebook.com/tgiadd"> Tim Griffiths Illustration</a></strong>