Intergalactic 5D merchandise Branded designer products for the discerning fully sentient generation. Shine like the I AM avatar you know you are! Sweet ones, as we progress with our Heavenly mission we must declare our true selves to the world. And become more visible to each other, no more hiding in plain sight! This is it, NOW is the time... So, until robes and staffs come back into fashion we can at least wear a grey t-shirt with some kind of intermetaspiritual nonsense written on it. Or perhaps an inspiring, uplifting message... The countless supply of Heaven is truly yours. You are deeply loved. Famed around the Universe for your service you truly are. Bless you sweet ones, you have done so well! Congratulations! The Light in this realm shines forth as a beacon of transcendent joy and Love into the depths of space and time, illuminating and inspiring as we ascend. Infinite Love, Will Reardon - Polymath www.williamreardon.co.uk Everything is One xxx