About rainbowdirection

This is the official shop for Rainbow Direction/TMHFN. Read more about us and where proceeds from this shop goes at <a href="http://www.rainbowdirection.com/charity/">www.rainbowdirection.com</a> <b>1.</b> Choose the product you want. <b>2.</b> Choose the rainbow design you want and place it where you want it on your product (you can add as many designs as you want to!) <b>3.</b> Place your order and enjoy your new rainbow gear!<br /><br /> And, as always, when participating in Rainbow Direction, please respect that we have a <a href="http://takemehomefromnarnia.tumblr.com/post/95866792441/rainbow-directions-non-shipping-policy">no-ships policy</a> and that we ask you to please keep your rainbows and your ships separate. Please do not add any shipping-related text or art to your Rainbow Direction items; our no-ships policy is there to make sure all fans to feel welcome and included, regardless of what they do or don't ship. Thank you!