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About Smart Records

Smart’ Records Is A Sheffield Multi-Genre Label Founded In 2016. Owned By Founder And CEO Shuayb Hamed With Candice Hobson As President. We Are Located In The Wincobank Area Serving Music Globaly.

We Have Artist Such As Shuaybhamed, DJ Purge, Delirious Psycho And Much More To Be Announced. First Smart’ Records Was Just A Soundcloud Account Promoting Local Talent, But As Of January 1st 2017, Shuayb Hamed Turned Smart’ Records Into A Independent Record Label. In 2018 Candice Hobson Became President While Shuayb Hamed Stays CEO. The Label Provides A&R & Podcast Publishing, And As Of 27th July 2018, Smart’ Records Is Part Of Music For Sheffield To Bring More Local Talent Of The City Of Sheffield.

This Is Smart’ Records.