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I always choose the "premium" product/style as the fit and look are exactly whatI need. I buy from Spreadshirt because the clothing items are high quality fabric and cut, even before you choose a unique design to add.


I always choose "premium womens Tshirt" size medium- it fits me as an ** size 10. Comfortable and flattering fit. I love this colour too!


Sizing not very accurate (unless you are looking for a snug fit - which for a T shirt I suggest you don't). Even though I measured an existing T shirt for size, this seems to be narrower, partculary over the bust, and shorter.


I’m a UK size 12 and I ordered a medium. It fits ok but it’s very tight and because it doesn’t have any stretch in it, it feels very restrictive.


I like the t-shirt. However, I have bought it as a present for someone else’ s birthday, which is on 31st October.
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