About the Wingly Store

Wingly is the trusted community that connects private pilots with passengers to share the magic of a flight. Thanks to flight sharing, pilots and passengers can share the costs and enjoy the perks of private aviation. Discover our new Wingly Collection and our pilots’ favourites.

That’s what Wingly believes in, and why we come to work every day. Building a trusted, international community uniting pilots and travellers that grows day after day, in Europe, and tomorrow in the world. Taking thousands of passengers under our wing every year, the enthusiastic one, the spontaneous one, the curious one. Thousands of passengers united by the same desire : to take a break for a few hours. From the simple pleasure of meeting Julien, Mark and Claudia, to the sharing of their passion for flying. From the airfield to discovering the most beautiful landscapes of our regions from a unique point of view. Together, we reinvent the meaning of flying. We are democratising mankind’s oldest dream.

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